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    There was an immediate backlash on Twitter. Even WFAN host Mike Francesa, who began the season giddy about Harvey, spent close to 15 minutes criticizing the pitcher, citing Harvey’s pictorial in ESPN The Magazine’s Body Issue and the embarrassing interview with Men’s Health magazine.
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    "It was probably more than he wished for, but it comes with being a star," Collins said, "But certainly the one thing I want to make sure he understands and everybody understands — he's gotta pitch.
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    BOSTON -- Doctors evaluating Teresa Heinz Kerry, wife of U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, reported improvement in her condition yesterday, according to the State Department, but few details were being disclosed about her illness.
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    Throwing rocks, attacking police stations, armed militias in the Sinai, shows the MB as anything but peaceful. Their track record of prior violence without any prosecution led to their overthrow. Their strict Sharia denies rights, stop tourism, scares off the investment community. Thirty percent voted for MB with them rigging polls by having others attacked or threatened especially women and Coptic Christians. Anywhere in the Muslim world where there is strict Sharia, economies do not develop or go backward. True in Somalia, Afghanistan and Iran where men get married three years later than under the Shah because of the poor economy.
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    The House could vote on the measure as early as Thursday,though the timing remained unclear. House leaders canceled aplanned recess and said they would remain in Washington nextweek to keep working on the problem.
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